New Construction


 Full Service General Contractor, core services include:

  • Execution of complex multi-disciplinary projects for the power, chemical, and energy industries.
  • Installation of Air Cooled Condensers (ACC)
  • Erection of structural steel for process equipment or buildings, including erection planning, critical lift studies, and installation of cladding systems.
  • Installation, alignment, and commissioning of mechanical equipment including boilers, vessels, pumps, exchangers, and other packages.
  • Fabrication, installation, testing, cleaning, and commissioning of pressure piping systems constructed from carbon steel, stainless steel or exotic alloy materials.
  • Civil and concrete work for integrated contracts
  • Modularization of steel, piping, and equipment packages to optimize remote project work.
  • Construction management and planning services
  • International procurement to suit construction schedules and detailed client requirements.